Meet the Board:

I was born and raised the in San Fernando Valley. My BS is in Mathematics from Fresno State College in 1971. I have a Master’s Degree in System Architecting and Engineering from USC. My wife and I have been married for 40 years. We have a twenty-seven year old son.

I am private pilot with an instrument rating. I’ve flown my airplane in 11 different countries, south of the Equator and fifty miles south of the Arctic Circle.

I started my real estate portfolio in October of 1976 when my family and I brought a 21 unit building in Burbank. It was the first piece of real estate I ever owned. Shortly after purchase, my wife, Netta, and I moved into the building as managers.

From January 1978 until June of 2006, I was employed in the famed Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. The motto of the Skunk Works was Quick, Quiet and On Time. I started as a Software engineer for the F-117 Stealth bomber, the Nighthawk. I told my wife that I made pickles. I would learn later that I was the architect for the avionics.