Meet the Board:

Lisa Pavik graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a BA in Sociology. She received her Master of Science in Counseling and Educational Leadership from California State University, Los Angeles. As the first individual in her family to earn a master’s degree, Lisa has paved the way for future generations to make education a priority in their lives. As a professional counselor for 10 years, Lisa has worked with underrepresented students both in the high school and college settings. She has extensive experience working special populations such as: re-entry students, foster youth, low-income students receiving Federal and State financial aid, International students and immigrant student populations seeking to improve their ability to learn English.


As the Director of Noncredit Enrollment Services at College of the Canyons for the past 3 years, Lisa has established a department that provides support for students in the Continuing Education/Noncredit program studying English as a Second Language, basic computer skills, construction, GED preparation, arithmetic and citizenship. Lisa’s dedication to serving the Latino population of the Santa Clarita Valley is evident in the effective approach she and her Student Services team apply daily to the application, assessment, counseling, and career services offered to students. Lisa continues to support the Santa Clarita community as the leader of a growing program that believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to receive quality education and training, regardless of financial means, personal challenges or country of origin.


As a product of the community college system, and one of the newest members of the SAI board, Lisa is excited to support the extension of scholarship opportunities to more programs within the community college system.