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Meet the Board

Elias Cortez

Elias Cortez
Mr. Elias S. Cortez, CEO and sole proprietor of CIO pro, INC.

Mr. Elias S. Cortez, CEO and sole proprietor of CIO pro, INC. Has extensive experience in delivering successful Integrated Technology solutions to both the private and public sectors.

Elias Cortez has been consulting in the AEC, Private sector and Municipal Government for over 30 years in both Architecture and Technology. With combined skills and expertise in Architecture, Technology and project management, He has served the underserved in providing an Affordable Integrated Technology solutions which enhance Technology integration to fulfill their specific needs.

We at CIOpro, believe that Public and Private organizations should focus on what they do best, their service and product delivery. Our philosophy is to use innovative technologies and our expert services, which address their distinct fundamental challenges and streamline their organization. In these very challenging times, using technology strategically to grow organizations business performance and create jobs of the future is a must. We enhance our customers People, Process and Technology simultaneously as a pathway to success.

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