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Lupita Alonso - Redondo

Lupita Alonso - Redondo
Lupita Alonso - Redondo

Rev. MG “Lupita” Alonso is a bi-cultural, 2 nd generation, Mexican-American pastor who comes from a humble immigrant family. Her grandfather and great-grandfather came to the United States from “Santa Rosalia” in the early twenties, to work as miners for a Copper Mine Company in San Francisco. After a mine accident, they both became field workers in the agricultural fields of Imperial Valley. Her Mother was born in El Centro, California and was raised by her grandfather after her mother- pastor’s grandmother- died giving birth due to lung disease complications. Pastor Lupita was born in Mexico, but was naturalized US Citizen. Due to an accident at birth she grew up as a patient at the Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles from 3 months old until she was sixteen years old.She learned Spanish at age 5 and completed her studies on both sides of the border and became fluent in both languages -English & Spanish, at very early age.She holds an MDiv degree from Claremont School of Theology (2005), studies in Special Education from San Diego State University, and a Masters equivalency in School Planning and Administration from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. She also holds a Radio-TV producer credential for Public Radio and has gone through ‘clown school’ [she is known as “WHEELS’ within her clown community]; she is a puppeteer and doll maker; a proficient Spanish and ESL teacher; and has studies in church planting and church revitalization. She has served as a rural teacher in Mexico, Special Education teacher (K-12) in Imperial Valley, and taught at Imperial Valley College, at CETYS- Mexicali, and at the UABC- Mexicali Campus. She has served as part of CHREM (Centro Hispano de Recursos y Educacion Ministerial), Hispanic Course of Studies at CST, the National Board of Justice For Our Neighbors, the CCORR (Conference Committee on Religion and Race); and currently is part of the CIE Emmaus Board, ONE STEP A LA VEZ Board in Fillmore, Cal-Pac Immigration Task Force; UM Association of Ministers with Disabilities, and the Disability Task Force at Cal-Pac Conference. She also currently serves as Secretary of the Santa Paula Ministerial Association, as the Chair of the North District Hispanic Committee; and is a member of the American Translators Association, and the Board of the Spanish American Institute. She is a wife and a mother, and an Elder in Full connection with CAL-PAC United Methodist Conference. Currently serves at Bardsdale UMC as a senior pastor. Pastor Lupita is a spiritual leader, dynamic, passionate about disability and faith issues, immigration, children, full inclusion and grace for all; and above all – truly in love with Christ.

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