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Meet the Board

Meet The Board

  • Angela Arvizu Szymusiak

    Sr. Talent Development Partner, Employee Experience, Adobe Systems Incorporated. As Sr. Talent Development Partner in Human Resources at Adobe Systems Incorporated, Angela Szymusiak has contributed to the transformation of Adobe’s strategy and approach to managing and deve

  • Elias Cortez

    Mr. Elias S. Cortez, CEO and sole proprietor of CIO pro, INC. Has extensive experience in delivering successful Integrated Technology solutions to both the private and public sectors. Elias Cortez has been consulting in the AEC, Private sector and Municipal Governm

  • Dina Aguilar

  • Robert E. Arvizu

    Retired from the aerospace industry, after 35 years, as a Software Engineer. While employed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena and Lockheed Martin “Skunks Works”, in Burbank and Palmdale, he concentrated in software engineering, which include computer programming, s

  • Lupita Alonso - Redondo

    Rev. MG “Lupita” Alonso is a bi-cultural, 2 nd generation, Mexican-American pastor who comes from a humble immigrant family. Her grandfather and great-grandfather came to the United States from “Santa Rosalia” in the early twenties, to work as miners for a Copper Mine Comp

  • Leslie Lopez

    Leslie Lopez , newly elected Vice President of the SAI Board of Directors, and former recipient of the 2019 SAI Scholarship, has also served as Music Director of First United Methodist Church of San Fernado. Leslie is a student at the University of California Irvin

  • Leah Helen Gallardo Switzer

    Leah Helen Gallardo Switzer has been working in the field of public relations for nearly 30 years. She began her career working as communications director for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area of United Way and supervised a public relations campaign that helped raise $27 m

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